Lars Monrad-Krohn graduated as MSc in Electronics, Technical University of Norway (NTH) and from Royal Norwegian Air Force Radar and Electronics School. He has attended several courses and trainings, Program for Leadership training, Smaller Company Management Program, Harvard Business School and Leadership training for incubator leaders, SIVA.

‘His wide working experience includes activities as a Research assistant at the Norwegian Technical University, Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, Developer of digital building blocks for construction of computers and digital equipment, programming of mathematical algorithms for Ferranti digital computer at the Laboratory for Nucelar Science, Massachusetts Institue of Technology, “Guest of the Institute” and member of the Faculty under Prof. Irvin Pless on the construction of a computer-based bubble chamber film scanning system.

He was also Group Leader and responsible for development of first norwegia-built computer based on integrated circuits, and for planning and installing a Satelite Readout Station in Tromsø, Norway under contract with European Sattelite Research Organization. He was Founder and Chief Executive of several computer companies, namely NORSK DATA AS, MYCRON AS, TIKI-DATA a.s , NCNOR.AS . He was a tutor in the graduate school of Institute for Informatics, Systems division of the University of Oslo and a Lecturerer in McKinsey’s VentureCup2000 business plan competition. Since 1997, he was Incubator Manager in Oslo Research Park and responsible for Curriculum and Exam for participants in VentureCup, Professor in lecturing Master courses in Commercial Biotechnology for an international class, Hedmark University College, Hamar, Norway.

He has been awarded with Norwegian Computing Society “Årespris” (Prize of honor) for 2005, Computer World’s “Golden Mouse Honor Prize” for contributions to the norwegian computer industry and the work on Network Computers 1998, IEEE Centennial Medal for contributions to computer industry and research 1984, Elected member of the Norwegian Academy for Technical Sciences 1978, Norwegian Technological and Industrial Institute (NTNF): Honor Prize 1976, Appointed full Professor in Computer Science at the Norwegian Technical University 1969.