New project – VICINITY



Project Description

The VICINITY project will build and demonstrate a bottom-up ecosystem of decentralised interoperability of IoT infrastructures called virtual neighbourhood, where users can share the access to their smart objects without losing the control over them.

Barriers are:

  •  Lack of IoT protocol interoperability (systems are often vendor locked by design),
    • Interconnected smart objects of different owners require data sharing that raises serious privacy issues,
    • IoT component vendors might be reluctant to share interface specifications (Intellectual Property problem),

    Large-scale integration imposes rules that are disadvantageous for particular participants

Project Manager:

TU Kaiserslautern

Concept_VICINITY  Project partners:

VICINITY consortium involves 15 partners from 9 countries including large industrial player (ATOS), system integrator from health domain (GNOMON), system integrator in building and micro grid domain (TINYMESH), expertise in the field of intelligent transport (HAFENSTROM), generic IoT platform provider (IS) as well as experts in high-usability technologies (BAVNIR).

  Project period:

2016/01 – 2019/12



Asbjørn Hovstø
Phone: + 47 951 48 828
E-mail: [email protected]

Skype: ahovsto

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