Representatives from VICINITY visited the Tromsø pilotsite at
Teaterkvarteret on both the 9th and 11th of October.  Located on the southeastern part of Tromsøya, the pilotsite is located in scenic surroundings and is strategic placed in relation to the central parts of city.

        Teaterkvarteret will demonstrate how parking sensors combined with smart lights and smart appliances from Gorenje can offer value added services to the municipality, residents and car owners alike.




  • Tromsø is Northern Norway’s largest municipality with approximately 75,000 inhabitants and has about 7,000 employees, spread over 86 units and services.

The Sørøya care service is a unit under the monitoring service in Tromsø municipality. The unit provides practical assistance and health care at home, day care, relief and care homes for people with physical, mental and/or social disabilities.


        The first visit took place a grey and rainy afternoon. Karla Jeanine Hilaire, Department manager for the care services at Sørøya, kindly took time of a busy schedule to meet the representatives and tell more about the pilot site. Topics related to work and other services was touched upon, the same goes for how freehold appartments were managed, as well as who chose to purchase parking space.

       Hilaire talked about how several of the appartments were prepared for residents with disabilities, and how the building was facilitated with activity room and offices for care takers and medical personal. She explained that even if each building could have up to 10 residents in need of special care, they had only 1 person that could cater to these needs during night if a problem should arise. These figures would differ between the different buildings that are a part of this large complex


There were several elements that the care takers had to take care of related to reporting assistance, journal systems for visits, etc. Several set of alarms and monitoring devices are available in case of emergency. Examples of these are detectors that are connected to the firedepartment, physical and virtual safety alarms, phones with direct lines to the care centers, as well as cameras in some appartments. A new function is that all residents have access to an iPad that offers support at the push of a button. Making these services as intuitive as possible was considered essential since not all the residents did not have the cognitive capability to handle smart devices like the Gorenje refridgerator and owen.


The visitors from VICINITY proceeded to study how the smart appliances were located and will be integrated with VICINITY.

After looking at the installation cabinet containing the necessary gateways and hubs (PNI RF-gateway, Trådfri, Raspberry PI 3), the next visit was the garage facilities that will be used for testing the services. One of the locations for the parking sensor was presented, and topics related to agreements for access, sharing keys and other kinds of authorisation was discussed

The visit concluded by a last look of the entrance where medical personal would get access before they headed back to the hotel to prepare for next days workshop next day.

All photos: Flemming Sveen © 2018