Energy Harvesting Pivots: Big Orders Taken for New Types by New Companies

        Energy harvesting reports rehearsing the old vibration harvesting, piezoelectric and thermoelectric options and applications are completely missing the point. Energy harvesting will hugely benefit society, creating billion dollar businesses but mostly in completely different ways. The new IDTechEx Research report, “Energy Harvesting Microwatt to Megawatt 2019-2029” covers over 50 developers and manufacturers. It considers vibration harvesting but is honest about its limited potential.

        The report therefore takes you up a notch to the new priority of random movement of humans powering wearables. Indeed, you are taken further towards the money with semi-random ocean wave harvesting, recording recent orders of up to $100 million for silent, invisible devices needing little or no energy storage. Globe-trotting PhD analysts preparing the report find that piezoelectrics and thermoelectrics may be overtaken in sales by triboelectric harvesters with lower cost, non-poisonous materials, mass-produced from microwatts to megawatts, not stuck at the low end.

        The report is replete with lucid new infograms and forecasts. It is the most comprehensive: encompassing those little known companies landing the biggest orders and those with the greatest potential. Understand piezoelectrics and thermoelectrics and their heroic but, so far, disappointing harvester plans. See the much larger sales of reinvented electrodynamics and photovoltaics. This is dwarfing everything else with smart windows and roads, tethered drones grabbing wind and water power without infrastructure. The appraisal is balanced, including recognition that the plummeting price of solar is destroying the market for small wind turbines but even here there is some reinvention is revealed.

        Raghu Das CEO of IDTechEx says, “New format may soon be the strongest engine of market growth. Flexible piezoelectrics, thermoelectrics, photovoltaics, triboelectrics, electrets and dielectric elastomers have been demonstrated. Some are selling well. Expect multilayer, multi-mode flexible harvesters including energy storage. “Massless Energy” (Imperial College London) is a game changer. Their load-bearing car bodywork is lighter than the dumb shaped steel it replaces yet it doubles as energy storage. Coat that with gossamer solar film and you get a cheaper, smaller, lighter IOT node, car or aircraft. In our new report, we see the future by joining the dots in this way. We match what is becoming possible to the many gaps in the market, including battery elimination.”

        The report goes into many billion dollar opportunities and other smaller gaps in the market. New symmetries jump out of the page such as four forms of water power mimicking wind power options. IDTechEx believes that meeting demand profile over day and night will be possible by matching harvesting sources. Learn how energy harvesting is rapidly being reinvented: acceptable harvesting for IOT nodes, wearables, vehicles, ships and islands is coming, plus more grid defection and a huge market for clean diesel genset alternatives.

        Today, purchase a gas monitor harvesting ambient radio emissions with no battery. Believe Tesla promises of entirely off-grid zero-emission charging for its 1MW trucks. Only “Energy Harvesting Microwatt to Megawatt 2019-2029” covers all the technologies and forecasts the startling achievements ahead.