Hafenstrom at Arendalsuka 2021

Hafenstrom also participated this year in Arendalsuka 2021, a national annual event and the largest political gathering in Norway.

This year’s focus was on presenting the solution «Harbour Energy Flexibility Manager» and looking at how the service supports national strategies within sustainability and innovation. In addition, this year, Arendalsuka provided an arena for inviting participation in pilots of the Horizon-funded projects GIFT and AURORAL.

Hafenstrom is responsible for the Norwegian pilots running in Harstad and Narvik, north of the arctic circle. The Harstad case that is part of the GIFT project addresses the need for improved exchange of energy to ensure a more balanced and predictable energy consumption. This concept is demonstrated through an e-ferry case, where the goals include planning of charging, management of power consumption and general load balancing to avoid overloading the local power grid.

The Narvik case that is part of the AURORAL project will use drone technology to supply rural communities such as settlements, islands and mobile locations with medical supplies and other commodities. The technical issues are lesser than the practical in terms of location, permissions, logistics and general maintenance.

In both cases are value-added services an expected outcome, and stakeholders are required to provide both insight and be part of the local network.

Previous years’ participation has given Hafenstrom opportunities to get in touch with large professional networks that include political leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, governmental organizations, media and NGOs.

The participation bare fruits and offered valuable contacts and opportunities. Three new national strategies were unveiled, of which the updated national drone strategy was perhaps important. Furthermore, new stakeholders were recruited, further anchoring the AURORAL project both practically and politically.

The GIFT project and the «Harbour Energy Flexibility Manager» Hafenstrom develops, was presented in other sessions organized by the NCE Maritime Cleantech cluster. New venues for cooperation were discussed and explored, and potential for cooperation with similar networks in other parts of Europe was identified.

In conclusion, also this year, Arendalsuka provided a valuable platform for interacting and exchanging ideas, establishing contacts and opening doors for future endeavours that both Hafenstrom and partners will benefit from.