Hafenstrom at Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger

Hafenstrom recently participated in the Nordic Edge Expo, a biennial event focused on smart city solutions and sustainable urban development. This year’s activities were divided into three parts: a seminar on urban transport and energy transitions, a comprehensive program of presentations and panel discussions, and engaging workshops.

Monday’s Seminar

The seminar, part of the EVerJUST project, covered urban transport transitions and energy transitions. Key speakers included Marianne Ryghaug from SINTEF Community and Dominic Boyer from Rice University, who discussed the challenges and opportunities in transitioning to renewable energy and sustainable urban transport systems. The session highlighted the importance of community involvement and interdisciplinary approaches in addressing these transitions.

Tuesday’s Program

Tuesday featured a series of sessions on the latest trends and innovations in smart city technology. Hafenstrom attended various presentations, networking sessions, and discussions with experts and stakeholders. This day provided valuable insights into the current state of smart urban development and the future directions of these technologies. The detailed program is available on the Nordic Edge Expo website.

On Tuesday evening, Hafenstrom participated in the Startup x Investor boat ride, a networking event that allowed the company to present results from Horizon projects like GIFT and AURORAL. This event facilitated meaningful interactions with potential investors, fostering discussions on future collaborations and project developments.

Workshops on Wednesday

The last day of Nordic Edge Expo was dedicated to hands-on workshops that explored digitalization and its impact on urban environments. Key workshops included:

  • “Testbeds in Urban Context,” hosted by Urban Hub Europe, which discussed best practices for establishing urban living labs and testbeds.
  • “Can Digitalisation Create Smarter and More Sustainable Ports?” organized by EDIH Oceanopolis, focusing on integrating renewable energy and digital technologies in maritime operations.
  • “Thriving Through Turmoil: Building Resilience for a City in Transformation,” featuring insights from experts in Kyiv and Kherson, Ukraine, on building urban resilience.

The workshops provided Hafenstrom with practical knowledge and collaborative opportunities to further develop and implement innovative solutions. Discussions during the workshops emphasized the role of digital technologies in enhancing urban resilience, sustainability, and efficiency. Hafenstrom gained valuable insights into integrating digital tools with existing urban infrastructures to create smarter and more adaptive cities.

The feedback from participants and organizers was overwhelmingly positive. Hafenstrom received numerous follow-up questions about the functionality, added value, and future possibilities of the presented solutions. Hafenstrom would like to extend its gratitude to the organizers, partners, and participants for interesting conversations and an inspiring event.