Hafenstrom develops first OCPP integration for e-ferries

OCPP (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Charge_Point_Protocol) is an application protocol for communication between charging stations for electrical vehicles and device/vendor independent management systems.
Being part of the horizon 2020 funded project “Geographical Island FlexibiliTy” (GIFT), Hafenstrom has developed a virtual charger based on the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).
The protocol was intended for land based charging stations, however as the GIFT project has demonstrated, it may be even more suitable for harbours where e-ferries, electrical vehicles, bikes and other electrical powered mobility solutions are present.

In this context, the advantages of demonstrating a OCPP-based virtual ferry charger are numerous;

  • value-added services can be demonstrated in a living ecosystem and new functionality can seamlessly be integrated with other solution providers
  • solutions can be adapted and tested towards virtual power plants such as INEAs KIBERnet (https://www.inea.si/en/energetika/kibernet-en/)
  • adapt, extend and scale up from a technology-demonstration to a physical setup in an actual production environment

For this reason, Hafenstrom is concentrating on providing both a stable environment for development and a friendly user experience reducing complexity and allowing for reduced use of training resources.

OCPP is one of the backbones of the system architecture Hafenstrom is developing as part of the GIFT project, where Hålogaland Kraft (https://hlk.no/), Harstad kommune (https://www.harstad.kommune.no/) and NTNU Gjøvik (https://www.ntnu.no/gjovik) are other important Norwegian partners. Please visit Open Charge Alliance at https://www.openchargealliance.org/ for more information about the protocol and members of the alliance.

Hafenstrom specialize on energy management with a specific emphasis on maritime technology – including battery systems, emission profiles, and calculations. With the virtual charger, Hafenstrom further demonstrates  commitment to support standardisation efforts and being in the forefront of providing green and sustainable shoreside energy solutions.

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