Hafenstrom – Presentation from Incheon International Ocean Forum in South Korean

         Hafenstrom had the opportunity to present some of the knowledge and projects we have been involved in at the Inchean International Ocean forum that took place in South Korea 19. – 20. november.  Norway and South Korea share many similarities when it comes to its ties to the ocean, general digital proficiency and islands surrounding the coastline. The video address several of these similarities and topics of common interest.

       The initial part of the video (30 seconds) refers to the beautiful country of South-Korea, with glimpses from both the Garden palace in Seoul – representing the rich history and innovative past of the country. Next the intro moves on to the Sogndo central park in Incheon – moving the focus over to the location of the conference – but also the matter of sustainability and the UN 2030 sustainable development agenda. Next we are moving on to the business centre of Gangnam displaying the bustling traffic and opportunities that South Korea represent and can offer the world, before rounding up with ship passing during the sunset – effectively bringing the presentation into its main topic; the international ocean forum with an animated version of the conference logo and the full version of the conference name (which btw. use the Korean Do Hyeon font family – one could always make a point out of that as well).

      The Hafenstrom segment starts at 28 seconds and illustrates the company’s ties to both the ocean and onshore act ivies.

       At 35 seconds the contributions to the European and Horizon 2020 financed project GIFT is presented, starting at the ferry MS Lauvstad at the port of Stornes, right outside of Harstad in the northern part of Norway. This route is intended to be part of the transition into the sustainable future, shifting from diesel to electricity – something Norway can offer a lot of. This will be a topic for future technological advances within managing smart grids and exploring the opportunities that batteries can offer the energy flexibility market.

       From the 01:20 mark, the video moves on to VICINITY – another European project that deals with the integration of sensors in an extended ecosystem while maintaining both privacy and security. Allowing IoT devices to communicate across silos open for a number of new value-added services, and by introducing the concept of sharing access and visibility of only parts of datasets and content establish the foundation for innovative new business models.  Here Hafenstrom contributed with a setup dealing with both mobility and healthcare placed in building complex Teaterkvarteret located in Tromsø, Northern Norway.

        At 02:00 the video goes into more detail on mobility, which was the topic of Crossmove. By optimizing route selection, the resulting travel could be adapted to different used groups within trading, tourism, commuters etc. The routes generated could be based on goals like sustainable (reduced emission), fastest route, most affordable route, most scenic route and recommended route (for instance by the road authorities). Crossmove focus on Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and the use of intermodal connection with transport carriers such as road, rail, air and sea – cooperating across the country borders, tying together the Nordic countries with a common policy and vision of the future.

       02:45 the video moves on to one of the exciting new projects Hafenstrom will participate in; a pilot demonstrating autonomous drones providing services such as medical assistance while also measuring climate data in the norther parts of Norway. The concept can be split into three main parts; offering the same kind of services to rural parts as you can find in urban areas, offering a safe pickup point for goods provided (such as medical supplies). By integrating everything in an overall ecosystem, new business models can be developed and deployed in rural areas, thereby creating equal opportunities regardless of the location of the innovators. Again, Hafenstrom focus on the arctic areas – exploring the potential that remote areas and islands can offer.

      The video round up at 03:00 by describing how everything is tied together via a digital platform – how the world is digitized, and how it can be duplicated in digital twins.

     We would like to thank the arrangers for this opportunity to present Hafenstrom and some of the projects we have been involved in – and which we would be happy to explore further with interested parties.