NEK arranges free battery and energy storage seminar on April 26!

    Short summary      
         Batteries will become an increasingly important part of our power plant. When using renewable energy sources and a new regime for electricity tariffs, batteries will make energy consumption more cost-effective. At the same time, one will get a higher reliability.
          In the context of increased focus on renewable energy and new electricity tariffs, batteries are becoming increasingly relevant for both homeowners, property owners and business. NEK therefore arranges a free battery seminar April 26 to focus on this subject area that will only grow over time.

       The seminar addresses issues that the professional players encounter when installing and operating secondary batteries, whether it is traditional lead acid or lithium ion. Applications are typically UPS systems and energy storage systems.

      Free entry to seminar on Batteries and Energy Storage hosted by NEK – Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee. Address to NEK: Mustads vei 1, Lilleaker, Oslo.

      The seminar challenges problems with regard to installation and operation of secondary batteries.  Applications are normally UPS  and energy storage systems..
The Breakfast seminar will be held on 26 April from 08:30 – 11:45 in Mustads at 1 on Lilleaker.  (CC West building).

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