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        Valencia, in Spain, is using a unique global platform that helps measure and compare quality of life with municipal services. Learn why data protection is just as important as any smart city service for a metropolis. Discover how Malmö in Sweeden  and  the capital of Moldava, Chisinau are rising as green city labs in Europe.

        The key to Valencia, Spain’s vibrant transformation

        As one of the leading smart cities in Spain, Valencia has introduced a few firsts in the country, including the integration of a smart city management platform. Now with a budget of over 1 billion euros, Valencia is undergoing a transformation to become a centre of urban innovation on par with some of the continent’s most progressive smart cities.

        How Smart Cities Can Outsmart Hackers
        Smart cities are just as much at risk if they don’t have a budget to protect investments in civic technology. When data runs wirelessly through services, it’s not hard for a third party to capture it.

        Malmö’s goal to become Sweden’s most climate smart city
        As a signatory of the Green Digital Charter, Malmö is already helping cities achieve EU climate goals through sustainable IT, setting an example right at home with an infrastructure that “reduces the environmental impact of technology and also city operations as a whole,” according to TCO Certified.

        Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, is growing with green development
With Chisinau hosting over half of the country’s urban population, the city faces a number of social and environmental challenges. Here’s how the capital is rising to the occasion, developing infrastructure and services that are moving it in the direction of smart city status.