Thermoelectric Cooling, Heating, Harvesting: 90 Companies Appraised, Market, Roadmap 2022-2042

Learn why thermoelectric cooling, heating and harvesting is partly success now, partly later. Evolving optimal materials, parameters, designs, applications, technology and strategy with 90 company comparison, market-leaders, success factors, mistakes, company intentions and overall market forecasts 2022-2042. 300+ pages with complete value chain and low- to high-power systems suppliers analysed. End-user markets emerging. Discover what is required and who to watch. The research is based on years of investigation by multi-lingual, PhD-level IDTechEx analysts.
Only IDTechEx has comprehensive coverage of the commercial opportunities and future of thermal management. This report, part of a portfolio of related research, is concerned specifically with thermoelectrics, including temperature management of vehicle seats, autonomy systems, head-up displays, aircraft, instruments, and more.
The report even extends to creating useful electricity thermoelectrically. Its scope covers companies in the consumer, medical, military, automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors.
Key Market Analysis
Readers will learn why thermoelectric cooling, heating, and harvesting is partly a great success now, partly to be a success later. Around 100 companies are covered, with 90 of these analyzed in-depth with extensive company comparisons.
This comprehensive overview explains evolving optimal materials, parameters, designs, applications, technologies, and strategies. Market-leader success factors and mistakes are identified, company intentions outlined and an overall market forecast is included for 2022-2042.
The report covers activities emerging in the complete value chain but primarily modules. Low- to high-power device and system suppliers are analyzed. The research is all based on years of investigation by multi-lingual, PhD-level IDTechEx analysts.
Questions answered in this report include:
  • 90 companies involved in thermoelectrics: profiles, SWOT reports, products, uniques?
  • Those that have the largest activity in which form of thermoelectrics and why?
  • Which companies to watch? What sectors do they target and why?
  • Which companies to employ, acquire, merge, emulate, avoid?
  • What does the roadmap of company thermoelectric initiatives 2022-2042 look like?
  • What worthwhile markets and dead ends are emerging?
  • Interpret patent and company research landscape?
  • What does the $billion global thermoelectric market 2022-2042 look like?
  • What is technically required for the future?
  • Regional distribution of effort and why?
This 327-page report full of illustrations, charts, photographs and analysis includes:
  • Executive summary and conclusions
In 30 densely packed pages, this overview presents the regional split of companies, patents by leading companies and overall by type with trends and commentary. There is a market forecast and company and technology roadmap, both for 2022-2042.
See the explanation of the basic types and their market dynamics. View the explanation and significance of medical, flexible, and other types emerging. Understand the compounds involved and the significance of certain companies moving to eliminate toxic and rare materials. See the impact of COVID-19 on automotive applications graphed by IDTechEx, because of their importance to thermoelectrics and their vulnerability.
  • 82 Companies in thermoelectric cooling and temperature management by country and where they are in the value chain

  • 64 Companies in thermoelectric energy harvesting and sensors by country and where they are in the value chain

  • 90 thermoelectric materials, modules, subsystems and end-equipment companies with research thrust and products illustrated and appraised including company SWOT assessments
This is the longest part of the report with detailed information on each company including location, products, strategy, partnerships, initiatives, product ranges, and important research as appropriate with successes, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats identified.