1st TRIMIS Horizon Scanning Session

       The Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS) is an open-access transport policy-support tool developed and managed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) to support the implementation of the Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA).

        One of the main objectives of TRIMIS is to provide a forward-oriented support to transport research and innovation (R&I) governance by using foresight in its technological and socioeconomic assessment process related to transport R&I. Within the TRIMIS framework, horizon scanning is applied through a structured and systematic collaborative exercise that contributes to the identification of new and emerging transport-related technologies and trends, with a potential future impact on the transport sector.

        Furthermore, it supports the assessment of current and future research needs and provides transport related insights to the broader European Commission foresight system contributing to a higher-level strategic framework also covering the transport domain. As part of this process, on 26 September 2019 the TRIMIS team, with support from the Unit for Knowledge Management and the EU Policy Lab of the JRC organised a sense making session entitled the 1st TRIMIS Horizon Scanning Session.

        It aimed at gathering insights from various transport experts with different backgrounds and make sense of previously collected, transport-related horizon scanning items through a process that could provide indications on relevant trends, new drivers of change, weak signals, discontinuities or shocks/’wild cards’/sudden unexpected events/’black swans’. This report collects and analyses the experiences that were shared and discussed during the session along with the supplementary material and initial results. Furthermore, it acts as a first input to the next step of the TRIMIS Horizon Scanning process that will involve policymakers with a focus on transport R&I.

Source: ec.europa.eu

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