Hafenstrom is now member of AIOTI

               Newly elected AIOTI Management Board
       Each two years AIOTI is electing its leadership. Seven nominations were received for five places available. At the General Assembly held on 21 June in Aarhus, Denmark, the election results were announced, and the elected Management Board member are:

  1. Klaus Beetz (Siemens), current Board member
  2. Irene Lopez de Vallejo (DEX Europe)
  3. Juergen Sturm (Texas Instruments)
  4. Tanya Suarez (BlueSpecs Innovation)
  5. Bo Sejer Frandsen (European Digital SME Alliance)

       Outgoing Management Board members: Kees van der Klauw, the chair of the Management Board, Jan Lohstroh, Management Board member and treasurer and Raph Crouan, Management Board member responsible for SMEs and startups were warmly thanked for their contribution to the AIOTI since the beginning of the organisation.

       AIOTI General Assembly, 21 June, Aarhus, Denmark
This year General Assembly was held on 21 June in Aarhus, Denmark, collocated with the IoT Week. Besides formal decisions taken (adoption of the 2018 annual accounts, giving discharge to the Management Board for the financial year 2018, appointing of the auditor for 2019 and announcement of the election resuls for the Management Board), the center stage took the open discussion and exchanges through panel discussions on achievements of the WG IoT Standardisation, Management and Steering Board as well as discussion on the EU partnership that engaged the whole audience in the discussion. Presentations can be found on Teamwork.

        IoT Week
       AIOTI was this year well represented at the IoT Week, that was held 18-20 June at Aarhus, Denmark. Active participation of almost all AIOTI working groups, lead on work streams on data market places, future of manufacturing, participation in joint workshop with BDVA, workshop on collaboration with China AII and participation at the closing ceremony. More follow-up presentations and video recordings could be found on IoT Week website. AIOTI Management Board and Steering Board had also series of informal meetings and joint dinner.

Source: aioti.eu