RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2019-2029

        IDTechEx Research has analyzed the RFID market for over 20 years. This report provides detailed data and analysis of the entire RFID sector based on our extensive research including interviews with RFID adopters and technology providers in the various applicational RFID markets, giving an unprecedented level of insight into the total RFID industry and what is really happening.

         Predominately, our research is conducted through interviews with companies across the value chain (many of whom provide data to us under non disclosure agreements who allow us to aggregate the data into the total) in addition to site visits and conference visits followed by secondary research.

        This comprehensive report from IDTechEx gives the complete picture covering passive RFID (for UHF, HF and LF frequencies), battery assisted passive, active RFID and chipless RFID. It provides detailed forecasts and depth unmatched by any other.

        IDTechEx find that in 2019, the total RFID market will be worth $11.6 Billion, rising to $13 Billion in 2022. This includes tags, readers and software/services for RFID labels, cards, fobs and all other form factors, for both passive and active RFID.

        In retail, RFID continues to be adopted for apparel tagging above all other applications by volume – that application alone will demand over 10 Billion RFID labels in 2019 – which still has some way to go with RFID penetrating only about 10% of the total addressable market for apparel in 2019.
        RFID in the form of contactless cards will demand 2.3 Billion cards in 2019, driven by contactless payment, transit and secure access applications. In a completely different sector again, the tagging of animals (such as pigs, sheep and pets) is substantial as it continues to be a legal requirement in many more territories, with 580 million tags being used for this sector in 2019.

        In total, IDTechEx expects that 20 billion tags will be sold in 2019 versus 17.5 billion in 2018. Most of that growth is from passive UHF RFID (RAIN RFID) labels. However, in 2019 UHF (RAIN RFID) tag sales by value will only be 25% of the value of HF tag sales (including NFC), mainly because HF tags where used for security (such as payments, access etc) have a higher price point versus the cheaper, usually disposable UHF (RAIN) tags used for tagging things.

Total RFID Market in US$ billions*

Market analysis by a huge number of parameters
        Using new, unique information researched globally by IDTechEx technical experts, we analyze the RFID market in many different ways. Full analysis by each market is given in great detail including in-depth historic data by application type from 2005 to 2018, followed by a forecast from 2019 and every year thereafter to 2024. We additionally give a long term 2029 outlook.
        For passive RFID, forecasts are provided separately for the application areas listed below and for each application area at each frequency we provide the number of tags, average sales price and total value of tags:

RAIN (UHF) RFID tag sales by numbers, 2018-2029 (data blurred for sample)
In addition, ten-year forecasts are provided for battery assisted passive and active RFID.
Additionally, the report provides units, asp and total value for RFID readers in the following categories:
• UHF Fixed portal
• UHF Embedded and handheld
• HF and LF Handheld, fixed, embedded
• LF Vehicle
• NFC Cellphone
The research conducted by IDTechEx ultimately provides ten-year forecasts by application area including tags, readers, software and services for the following markets:
• Retail
• Healthcare and medical
• Passenger transport/automotive
• Land, sea logistics and post
• Animals and farming
• Airlines and airports
• Financial, Security
• Manufacturing
• Leisure/sports
• Consumer products
• Other
        Data is also provided for other sectors including trends by territory, value chain positioning, NFC, chip vs chipless and more. Cumulative sales of RFID are analyzed. Progress of key companies is provided in addition to a matrix of hundreds of suppliers.
      A price teardown is conducted for the two main types of passive RFID inlays – UHF and HF RFID.
Interpretation of data
       Taking the core data, IDTechEx interprets it in this report to identify aspects such as: Which sectors are booming and which are under performing? Which suppliers and profitable and why? What are the hot sectors? And much more.
       For example, after extensive interviews with suppliers, IDTechEx find that there are now emerging or established leaders in most positions of the value chain across the different technologies – yet still very few companies have sales of more than $100 million. There are still many opportunities, which are assessed in this report.
        Our level of detailed analysis allows us to account for data throughout the value chain, for example, inlay sales lag the number of IC sales by a number of months which is taken into account in our forecasts.
Who are the winners and emerging winners
        Major players in the various parts of the value chain are identified and the big orders and milestones now and in the future are analyzed. Those doing well in numbers sold are sometimes much less impressive in dollars taken and vice versa. Of course, not everyone will want to serve the severely price constrained, highest volume markets. For them, we examine many large niches that are emerging and many smaller opportunities where there is even less competition.
Source: idtechex.com