Scaling innovation in Transport for smart cities 2016

The conference Transport for smart cities 2016 gathers about 200 selected practitioners and leaders from public and private sectors to discuss how smart city mobility concepts can be implemented at scale in Europe’s cities.

The conference also launches the Action Cluster Initiatives in Smart Electromobility (EV4SCC) and in smart city mobility services that are part of the implementation of the European Innovation Partnership in Smart Cities and Communities.

The conference’s discussions are structured around the ‘what‘ opportunities for scaling (such as (1) how electrification transforms cities, (2) smart city mobility as a service, (3) smart city logistics, (4) new smart city mobility concepts)) and on the ‘how‘ can scaling be done (such as (1) new collaboration tools, (2) funding and procurement,(3) accelerating startups and (4) “wild card”).

This conference will contribute to the development and implementation of future EU level smart city activities (incl. the annual assembly of the European Innovation Partnership in Smart Cities and Communities on 24-5-2016 in Eindhoven), and the EU’s decarbonisation and digital policies.

Hafenstrom contributed to the Open Tables #20 Joint ITS session – scaling applications in cities (Part 1Part 2) operated by
Kirill Blazhko (Orbita Line), Asbjorn Hovsto (Hafenstrom) and Massimiliano Petri (Uni Pisa).

The video from the conference website under VIDEO
Contact person: Henriette van Eijl, European Commission (MOVE): [email protected]