TESTING PNI PARKING SENSOR – Hafenstrom & Vicinity2020 Contribution

       The VICINITY project (http://www.vicinity2020.eu) has provided Hafenstrom with the opportunity to explore technology and solutions that is suitable for a wide array of applications. Detection of vehicles and other large objects using standard ground based parking sensors are among the services we are looking into.

        Availability of areas in and around urban areas and locations close to intermodal transferpoints are considered in shortage. The lack of for instance parking space represents a serious vulnerability to communities and public enterprises alike. The traffic situation does not only affect quality of life and the climate, it represents also a direct danger to life and health. Ambulance and firefighters, deliverance of medicine, goods and groceries, and planned maintenance are all areas that suffer from the consequences. Knowledge of where to find such areas and usage statistics is therefore an integrated part of smart city management and planning.

       We are for this purpose currently testing PNI Placepod (https://www.pnicorp.com/) at Teaterkvarteret in Tromsø.

       This parking sensor ecosystem offers an intuitive way of administrating the sensors and visualizing the usage history. Based on LoRa technology with a well documented API and standard components, has simplified the process of integrating the services within our own ecosystem. Hafenstrom recentlig upgraded the parking sensors to allow for longer battery lifetime, flexible protocols and LoRaWAN Over-the-Air Activation (OTAA).

       Hafenstrom has been actively involved in developing business logic and testing several solutions. Strengths and weaknesses alike has been uncovered. This provides Hafenstrom with an opportunity to position itself within the field of smarter planning. We have had a constructive dialogue with technical personel from PNI and received both support and and valuable feedback. The knowledge and experience we have harvested from this testing allows us to building new and innovative solutions that will make us competitive and relevant – also in the future to come.