INTEGRATION OF GORENJE SMART APPLIANCES – Hafenstrom & Vicinity2020 Contribution

         Hafenstrom and Gorenje has participated in joint projects since 2016. With a continent-wide market share of 4%, Gorenje is considered one of the eight largest manufacturers of home appliances in Europe. Through the Horizon2020 financed project VICINITY
(, we have cooperated in developing innovative business models that allows for smart appliances to become a natural part of the local infrastructure and home security.

         These ideas are being tested in a real life environment at Teaterkvarteret in Tromsø, Norway ( Google Maps Location ). The project is still ongoing, but several breakthroughs can already be reported. Hafenstrom has developed solutions for sending different set of notifications based on how long a the door of a refrigerator is left open vs the door of a freezer, different set of notifications based on how long if food is left in the stove after being cooked, triggering different actions to take if no response or other kind of confirmation is received, combine messages with warning levels and direct contact with neighbours, next of kind, public officials, care takers and other medical personal.

         We have prepared APIs and backend solutions that allows us to measure what is being reported, why it is being reported, who the messages will be reported to, how the individualized notifications should be treated, how to integrate the services with other existing platforms all the while we are offering a user friendly interface to administrators and end users alike.

        The ideas and lessons learned from this partnership will allow Hafenstrom to venture into new constellations while building upon our long experience within the field of measurement, developing strategies for sustainable smart socities, and adapt to the ever changing world of the internet of things.