IMPORTANT NOTICE. Please note the following:
Submissions for the “Open Call #2” of the VICINITY project shall enrich the platform or its use cases by new services. We invite submissions from the following two categories:

(A) “Value added services” that provide additional services on top of the VICINITY platform. 

(B) “Micro-services” that implement additional functionalities inside the VICINITY platform that can be used in various services.

Projects shall target at least one of the following issues (A.1) … (A.13) and/or (B1) … (B4)

Note the IDs of the suggested services tackled in the Applicant Form.

Suggested Services for VICINITY Open Call 2 Submissions

For value-added services, we expect proposals to strengthen the existing use-cases of VICINITY by co-creation and cooperation. These use cases focus on the domains of traffic management, building automation, eHealth and energy management. Projects can build on top of the existing VICINITY infrastructures, and/or bring in its own infrastructures.

Traffic services:

  • Solutions for the integration of smart parking with other transport related sectors.
  • Smart integration of EV charging stations into smart parking solutions, including consideration of current status and technical information.
  • Smart transaction and rental models for vehicles and parking space that consider access, need, ownership.
  • Smart booking systems, e.g. integrating Outlook or other personal information managers.

Building automation services: 

  • Capturing the subjective experience of a room’s indoor climate and/or “cleanness” status on a specific time to plan climatization and cleaning.
  • Using the occupation information of a room to plan climatization and cleaning.
  • Integration BIM models with dynamic data from sensors; dynamic audit.

eHealth services:

  • Analysis of real-time data from e.g. fitness trackers or beacons in sports centers.
  • Monitoring of medical treatment plans based on IoT equipment, e.g. drug dispenser, dash buttons.
  • Detection of social difficulties of the elderly via IoT devices and psychological profiles.

Cross-domain services with energy (e.g. traffic + energy):

  • Consideration of prediction of renewable energy production, e.g. with solar irradiance measurements in above services.
  • Consideration of price signals from the energy market in above services.
  • Analysis of energy savings, and of its impact, maybe in context with other data.

For Micro-services, projects implement one or more of the following services and demonstrate its application within an existing VICINITY use case or value-added service:

  • Frameworks that provide incentive mechanisms or micro-payments, using e.g. smart contracts.
  • Feedback, analytics, and/or visualization frameworks that permit a more vibrant user or operator experience in the VICINITY framework.
  • Provision of information from personal information managers such as Outlook to other services.
  • Integration and co-creation with social network platforms such as MyData or DIGIME.