Hafenstrom has been an active partner in the Horizon2020 funded project VICINITY ( since 2016. Now that we are approaching the last stretch of this four year project, we see that a lot of the work we have put into this project is coming to fruitition.

        When Hafenstrom got involved in 2015, it was part of a strategic effort to move into new territory and develop a competitive advantage within the field of smart ports, smart mobility and smart cities.

         Today we see that the efforts is starting to pay off and VICINITY is already delivering on several of its promises. The project offers a webbased manager where smart devices and virtual services alike can be shared with authorized partners. A key element in the VICINITY model is that data needs to be protected on all levels. The entire framework is therefore based on a concept called privacy by design.

        Owners of the decides can therefore decide to allow smart devices exchange information within a local network and with trusted parties. This includes managing just what data should be exposed and which external actors should be authorized.

        What makes VICINITY truly unique is not only the way data is handled, that virtual services and catching events are treated the same, the support for subscribing to data streams, the privacy design and data manager. VICINITY also excels in flexibility and scalability. Whenever a new device is being added, the developer are free to offer adapters that can be integrated with VICINITY. The adapters allow for data to be shared with the VICINITY hub – and also allow for building complex business logic that can act on otherwise proprietary ecosystems. When one adapter has been developed, it is free to share with everyone else on the VICINITY network. Thus the support for different devices will grow exponentially as more devices and developers start using and present new services to VICINITY.

        Hafenstrom is planning to be actively involved in the continued use and implementation of VICINITY to offer present and new clients with a scalable and robust framework to offer new services and integrate existing systems.