New project – The New Electric Brand

No cruise liners in Geiranger sea port, Norway, no emissionNorwegian Government presented in March 2015 its new climate targets. Norwegian emissions should be cut by 40 percent by 2030. The maritime sector can take significant stakes in emission reduction.

ARENA Arctic Maritime Cluster has funded a study lead by Hafenstrom aiming to contribute to  counties ‘and municipalities’ revision of its climate and energy plans, we will study whether domestic maritime transport can stand for mitigation and how this can be implemented in key seaports.

The study will:

– Identify typical scehduled craft ships and their emissions while underway and docked in Troms
– Assess whether the connection to shore power can reduce emissions from such scheduled service vessels
– Assessing investment requirements for port and vessel stating the Return-of-Investment strategies

The AMK cluster has a lot of companies who can contribute to ease the implementation of shore electricity to ships i Arctic areas. A new strategy for electrification of ships and ports will give the utility sector a new leg for business development in transiting to the new, green economy.