Smart Parking success in arctic city Tromsø

The Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action VICINITY integrated smart solutions for buildings integrating sharing services with energy and transport.

       The Tromsø (NO) pilot site is located at Teaterkvarteret, a newly constructed cluster of buildings in Tromsø city centre in Norway and is now complete and fully operational. The number of users were smaller and the organisation different to the originally planned pilot in city of Halden, Norway. More emphasis has therefore been put on the Value-Added Services has also been updated with more focus on user experience and less focus on validating specific standards used in the pilot.

        Teaterkvarteret is part of a complex consisting several buildings, each containing 10 – 24 apartments. Each building is owned by a cooperative and the building residents form part of the pilot stakeholders. Ten of the apartments are allocated disabled people or persons in need of care. Two rooms are set aside for joint health care activities. Every apartment has access to one parking space.

       The Pilot Site managed to achieve its goals, it demonstrates well how VICINITY integrates IoT devices based on different platforms and ecosystems. The Use cases served as a proof of concept of how VICINITY could be used to extend functionality, improve on efficiency and reliability, as well as demonstrate on what opportunities exist to create new business solutions that can improve the workday by building new solutions on top of IoT ecosystems. This was demonstrated through the creation of one framework named P2P Connectivity Platform which was prepared for P2P PARK (UC 1) and P2P Healthcare Visit (UC 2)

       The stakeholders were generally positive to the project and its outcome and received a lot of public attention from national TV ( video below ) thanks to the (somewhat inaccurate) slogan “airBnB for parking” being introduced and perceived as one of the main Unique Selling Point.

        The use cases demonstrate that the results from VICINITY contributed to several of EUs environmental goals, thereby becoming an increasing part of research and innovation activities that supports future sustainable solutions

        The Tromsø Pilot has offered company Hafenstrom and VICINITY a great opportunity for being part of a living ecosystem where the service providers and service users would provide input and be interested in continuous use after the completion of the project. This is something HITS will continue to build upon in further endeavours and exploitation activities.

        The exploitation phase will include expanding the number of areas the system can be applied to and present the system as a platform. In order to gain traction, the platform is available on GitHub and offering development rights to software companies. Different subscription models for end-users are available for sharing, renting and transaction services. On a long-term perspective, the solution will migrate into new markets that have yet to be identified offering new solutions build on the strength of Interoperability as a Service as provided by VICINITY.